The West Norfolk Question
by William Barr
The Queen did not believe the Prime Minister's account of how Norfolk came to be dropped out of the United Kingdom. 'Norfolk? Independence movement? One hardly thinks so.'
But Norfolk took to independence like a coypu to a riverbank. With no debts to hold it back it prospered mightily. Its politicians formed new parties and were universally popular, showing the age-old truth that in Norfolk we do different.
But soon West Norfolk developed a taste for self-government and was offered devolution and a Great Western Powerhouse. The fate of Norfolk hung in the balance.
Poppy Sallabank, the Wiveton Belle, Miss Swaffham eight years running and surprised to find herself leader of the West Norfolk separatist movement.
Alan Cooper, Night Editor of the Eastern Daily Post, and a most unlikely founding father of Norfolk's independence.
Graham Murray, a shambling figure in his Ipswich Town Football shirt, tracksuit bottoms and blue Crocs, a most improbable catalyst for so much change.
Will these three find the answer to the West Norfolk Question, or even agree what it is?
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