by William Barr
The gods are bored. They unleash on mankind a new and deadly plague: the curse of business managers.
Down on earth, the Greek Coalition Army is hopelessly disorganised. After ten years the siege of Troy has achieved nothing.
Odysseus returns from the Athens Business School. The Greeks undertake radical corporate re-engineering. Achilles completes his self-assessment appraisal form. King Agamemnon applies for his own job. With the help of a mission statement, a new glossy brochure and an away-day, the Greek army is ready for action.
On the day of the decisive battle ten thousand Greek soldiers are assigned to administrative duties, leaving just the three heroes to face the might of their Trojan customers, as they have now become.
Will Odysseus' half-digested theories save the day? Will he find his way back home? What really happed to the Cyclops?
This book reveals the truth about the Sirens and the deadly methods used to defeat the hapless sea-monster, Scylla. It demolishes the myth about Odysseus' elderly dog recognising his master and dying.
Can Odysseus' Crisis Management module provide the key to winning against all the odds in the Great Hall?
After three thousand years, the identity of Homer is finally revealed.
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