Drawing the Lines
by Frances Bailey & Nick Stone
Against a backdrop of ever increasing divorce rates, and the risks and costs associated with family litigation, it is not surprising that more and more families and individuals are looking to reach an agreement as to how they intend to regulate their finances. But will their agreement be upheld by the courts of England & Wales and party autonomy respected?
Drawing the Lines: A Guide to Family Agreements explores the different types of agreement individuals, and families, can enter into, ranging from Cohabitation Agreements and Pre Marital Agreements, at the outset of a relationship, to Separation Agreements and Child Maintenance Agreements following relationship breakdown. It explores the extent to which each may bind or influence a Court, what can be included, how they can be negotiated and how they can be enforced.
Drawing the Lines also provides a summary of what the future may hold for this fast moving area of law. It is an invaluable introduction to Family Agreements for clients and private wealth professionals alike.
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