Divorce and the Farm
by William Barr & Nick Stone
"Home and business are frequently inseparable in farming, where so many aspirations visibly depend on inheritance and succession. Typified by high asset values, low liquidity, a volatile trading climate and the weather, when family relationships collapse it is inevitable stress levels and emotions become highly charged.
The authors bring to the third edition (updated 1st June 2013) a combined total of more than ninety years' experience in the theory and practice of agricultural law.
Nick Stone and William Barr have combined forces to produce Divorce and the Farm - a valuable guide to the theory and practice surrounding the myriad of issues involved.
Providing clarity and assistance to the whole industry, it should be widely welcomed onto all professional advisers' bookshelves. Profits from the book will be divided between the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institution (RABI) and Relate."
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