The Carp Club
by William Barr
John Fisher was sickened by the decline of the Carp Club. The members of the House of Carpery had quarrelled with each other and become ever more remote from the electorate. They did nothing as the banksters ripped the heart out of the Club's finances. They did not even notice that the carp were all dead as they trum- peted ever more extravagant claims for the excellence of their achievements. Voting for any of the groupings meant more of the same. The grip of the Prime Administer on the Carpinet took democratic control away from the voters. John Fisher saw only one way to return power to the membership and so the Ban the Ballot campaign was born.
As John pursues his aims, he threatens the CMY cosy cartel of the career carpists. The dirty tricks of the establishment would be scarcely credible but for their uncanny resemblance to real life.
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