The West Norfolk Question
by William Barr
The Queen did not believe the Prime Minister's account of how came to be dropped out of the United Kingdom...
£ 8.99
by William Barr
The gods are bored. They unleash on mankind a new and deadly plague: the curse of business managers. Down on earth, the Greek Coalition Army...
£ 8.99
Carp Club
by William Barr
John Fisher was sickened by the decline of the Carp Club. The members of the House of Carpery had quarrelled with each other and become...
£ 8.99
Real Football Real Fans
by William Barr
As William Barr tours the clubs in the lowest Football League he discovers what those at the top are beginning to lose...
£ 8.99
Farm Tenancies
by William Barr & James Hordern
Farm Tenancies is a straightforward and authoritative guide to the law of agricultural...
Revised 2018
£ 50.00
Divorce and the Farm
by William Barr & Nick Stone
Home and business are frequently inseparable in farming, where so many aspirations visibly depend on inheritance...
£ 25.00
Divorce and the Family Business
by Nick Stone & Roger Bamber
Where divorce impacts on a family business, the challenge is to ensure that the ...
£ 35.00
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